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taking a new position


Make a place of prayer, no fuss,

just lean into the white brilliance

and say what you needed to say

all along, nothing too much, words

as simple and as yours and as heard

as the bird song above your head

or the river running gently beside you.

Let your words join one to another

the way stone nestles on stone,

the way water just leaves

and goes to the sea,

the way your promise

breathes and belongs

with every other promise

the world has ever made.

Now, leave them to go on,

let your words carry their own life

without you, let the promise

go with the river.

Have faith. Stand up. Walk away.




Twenty Poems of Requited and Unrequited Love’

© David Whyte and Many Rivers Press

It’s not easy

to do the hard thing

to lose

to stand

to eat

to sleep alone

to wait at all


to be long-time patient

to be strong

to allow the pain

the grief

the tears of exhaustion



to press on

to refuse to settle

to believe in spite of loss

to sing on the shores of exile

to fight in the face of minority

to keep the fire warm

to build wells in dry places

to send out love

to melt defenses

to keep touching the lepers

to allow healing to come

to ruthlessly keep letting go

to rise above our stories

to inhabit them completely

to set our boundaries

yet keep opening our hearts

to be prepared

to live ready

to keep saying yes


Amy Lloyd

When you shift your focus

from what is absent

to what is present,

from what is missing

to what has been given,

from what you are not

to who you are,

from the ravages of linear time

to the immediacy of Now,

you are reconnecting

with love, truth and beauty,

and abundance is yours,


For in truth,

nothing is lacking where you are,

nothing is missing from the present scene of the movie of your life,

and you are forever full,

and at the point of completion.

The only reason

you cannot find Oneness

is because you never left.

The day is just waiting to be lived.

So breathe in life, friend,

breathe in life.

– Jeff Foster

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