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make room for the sacred

Mark Nepo tells us to,

‘put down what doesn’t work –

so that we can find what is sacred’.


What worked so well yesterday,

may not work today.

We wear out our structures of known truth,

the frameworks of what we use for living,

for healing.

Let them go,

trust in the new architecture –


with our personal, classic twist.

We are always becoming.

The seasons gracefully change every year

the same

yet not.

Watch for the signs of structural failure,

for the daffodils blooming bright

against the dreary brown world

build a new bridge,

delight in this magnificent design,

in the dots of brilliant color

those amazing cranes hanging in and over the water

strong, foundational columns

green stalks alive with promise

rising from deep within the waters,

creating the new skyline of your dreamscape

the new landscape of your best-to-come life

welcome this new place of crossing

the early soft fuzz of new growth on the earth beneath your feet

It can handle rush hour

or the heaviest foot-traffic

the ground will always hold our weight


the bold build

the celebration of every sign of spring

always awake to the possibilities of this very moment

remember to trust your intuition

remove what is not working

water things well and often

before the old fully implodes

before the grass turns an ugly shade of brown

right underneath our feet


Amy Lloyd

I am struck by the otherness of things rather than their same-

ness. The way a tiny pile of snow perches in the crook of a

branch in the tall pine, away by itself, high enough not to be

noticed by people, out of reach of stray dogs. It leans against

the scaly pine bark, busy at some existence that does not

need me.

It is the differences of objects that I love, that lift me toward

the rest of the universe, that amaze me. That each thing on

earth has its own soul, its own life, that each tree, each clod is

filled with the mud of its own star. I watch where I step and see

that the fallen leaf, old broken grass, an icy stone are placed in

exactly the right spot on the earth, carefully, royalty in their

own country.


Looking for the Differences by Tom Hennen

February on another coast is April

here. Astrology is months:

you are February, or are you

June, and who is

December? Who is books

read in spring, wingspan

between midnight

and mourning

Another starry tree, coastal

counterpoint where magnolia is

a brighter season

peach and pear

are grafted onto the same tree

fear and fat stick

to the same sprained bone

For this adolescent reprise

recycle everything trivial

but this time bring

the eye into sight:

make sight superior

to what is seen

A decade is to look at June

and see April

to look at April

and see February

Relief of repetition

seasons mean again,

one flowering branch suspended

in the half-light of spring

We sat on steps

beneath a tree

No: I walked by

The tree bloomed

and I looked up


Virginia Street by Jennifer Hayashida

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