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view from a road trip

I drink the sweet right out of the day

mile after mile Im astounded

the way I ride right into the blue shadows of mountains

to find them 3 dimensional

I wonder at the way skeleton trees with bushy tops

fill these rock edged mountains

so many trees

this world is so very full of abundance

so much to share

why do we grasp?

why do we hoard?

I notice the way the road is cut through layers of rock

I notice crows the whole way…

even a named exit, I’ve never noticed, before leads me to them…

magic is certainly afoot

it calls my heart, soul, mind

into beauty places

I stop for the scenic view

I drink deep of this honeyed panorama spread before me

The sun sets gracefully

in-spite of my dirty rearview mirror

I gratefully arrive safe home


Amy Lloyd

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