life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

make no mistake

Here I am

running shoes

Brand new


state of the art


Heading towards

this new


hearts and arrows

pointing in a new direction


ready to turn this page

drinking fine

soul sista

barefoot dreaming

calling me

onto sandy shores

the color of oatmeal

she crabs repenting

of comfortable zones

moon waxing full right before

the cock crows

the clock stricken midnight

two words

Rules broken

Music plays underneath my skin

breathing and stretching into the pain of it all

the sheer bliss

the blessed love of it all

These cards always make me laugh

at my own silliness

these gods smiling

smiling on us

life is for us

me and you

finding each other

for good after all these years

a partridge in a pear tree and

three little birds perched on top of tea lights

making this heart of mine


for miles

traveled and yet to go

bittersweet memes and memories

arrows in this labyrinth facing lovely sunsets

Im Happy

Oh so happy for you

My girl

Just these words…

I love you

and all is right

in this storybook

all will be well

So right

So well

with life

and years

and moons

and this

and that

for now

and forevermore




Amen [selah]


Amy Lloyd December 31, 2017

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke


To bless the year we live in

is to receive its blessings.

Nothing can be contained

but everything can run through us

with a river’s constancy.

Rapids of fresh graces

to renew

our inner springs.

Winds of mercies

blowing out the cobwebs

and airing out our rooms.

The mind’s dusty corners,

and the hearts

defended places

swept with air

as clear as the new year’s


To bless the year we open

is to unwrap its fortune.

A thousand different colours,

shapes and forms

yet to encounter.

Not resenting or deflecting

but asking ourselves,

‘What is this I’m holding?’

Treasures found in unforeseen places,

stones that might

be worth more than they look.

Griefs that carve out beauty

hitherto not imagined,

spaces to then fill with more of our joy.

Part of the joy

is anticipating

what is coming.

Standing by the threshold

and then opening.

Ana Lisa de Jong

Living Tree Poetry

New Years Day 2018

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