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it is enough

The lack of problem-solving skills definitely dazzles me just a little

This mountain from a molehill made larger than life

It makes me wonder about the state of this ordinary world

How would we survive a zombie apocalypse?

Not very well, it would seem

Old men rely on fixed routine to the exclusion of common sense

Thank goodness God adores us as we are

Weak and foolish, as we may be

Thank goodness I wallow in this deep puddle of grace

The long shadow of this swirling forgiveness

The abundance of this day’s beauty

The glimpsed knowledge of the irony of freewill

The glory of the sunlight after the greyest day


Amy Lloyd


How arresting

that God intends to upend the empires of men,

promises cosmic upheaval,

and to bring it about sends

lonely prophets out in the wilderness,

who themselves will soon be arrested.

God touches a loner praying in the desert.

Kneels and says to a peasant girl,

“Your willingness is enough.”

Appears in a small, helpless child.

Holds the sagging flesh of one crucified.

Amazing, how for God so little is enough.

The voice of one crying in the wilderness

is enough.

Your voice is enough

if you lift it up.

It is not alone.

It is not empty.

Your voice,

and its millions,

is the Way of God.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light<



It is noted somewhere in the book of eternity, that human beings who risk it all and step forward day in and day out…are indeed creating, the most beautiful days of their lives…I know, as it happened again today…falling madly in love with the world.


Rev. Donna Knutson

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