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losing control

Is it hope or denial, surrender or giving up, the discipline of good self-care based on experience or rigid adherence to principles that may not apply? This being human is messy, and discernment often clearer in hindsight than at the start of the day. When to get moving, when to be still? How to care for another without abandoning the self? How to find necessary solitude without disconnecting from life-sustaining community? Yep, I am a bundle of questions this morning- and that’s okay. I will sit with the questions, accept how little I know, and appreciate how infrequently I am “in charge.” 🙂


In this molting age of Aquarius

with water pouring from aged and busted pipes

the tin man sits heartlessly rusted in the laundry room

well beyond any repair

I see your fragile heart spread out for miles and miles

love returning from around the bend again and again

layer after layer of imbedded pain releasing with each soft, round circle and sharp-edged square

we are always tenderly held

pulled from the wreckage of our own spinning brains

working through nights of barking dogs and wild hares

seasons coming and going taking their fine time to bring us out of poverty’s grasp

husks of skin and bone carry the eerie, ethereal beauty of life and death within us – our own and all others

unmapped blue skied tomorrow’s are crossroads paralleling well worn pathways on roads less traveled

everything is connected by this web of grace weaving through our crazy-quilt patterned ancestral charts

our grave stones marking us brothers and sisters- pushing up daises as one, my friend, as well as, my foe

come to me now, save me from destroying myself in my chosen isolation

talk to me in this fine moment of cabbages and kings

take me to the river and wash me clean

feed me with roasted chicken, grapes and sugarplums

sing to me the lullabies of my mother I have loved since childhood

laugh with me in the face of my worry-stone worn smooth by endless hardened time

love me like the rock of ages

and never let me go


Amy Lloyd

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