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yesterday I was born a leaf a small fragile tender wisp trembling as I hung on the vine

yesterday I hung as mist above the marsh grasses softly whispering to the birds soaring above me as they taught me to sing songs of freedom into each new morning

yesterday I was a gust of air short lived, but not insignificant full of bone rattling cold and hat disturbing bravado

yesterday I was a large, slow, snow flake plopping down like a wet goose feather making the world a magical place

yesterday I was a world made of glass lying shattered on the floor hoping to be recycled into a new and useful planet

yesterday I was various people – a student, a host, a friend, a lover feeling my way into the next moment hoping to find a way home

yesterday I was a tall tree proud yet with humble confidence accepting the grief that winter brings, gently weeping, waiting for spring

yesterday I was a large, dependable mountain made of sheer delights to behold and explore all along the way. The greens of my valleys the grandeur of my peaks leaving me breathless and in awe at every step of my life’s grand adventure.


Amy Lloyd


everything you thought you had,

everything you expected it was,

everything they appeared to be

seemed to transform unexpectedly

into a silent vapor memory.

And all that loss

found its way

inside your chest

and throbbed against

the pulse of living.

You learned Mourning does not

rely upon an efficient and selective process…

It took a season,

and another season,

and another,

to walk through each

tract of land set before you.

You learned grief itself

is an unmapped journey

you would inevitably experience,

and might become lost

among the non-sequential

complex layers.

You learned we all carry

the death of someone,

something, or someplace

around inside,

and for that,

we need not ever feel ashamed.

A marriage,

a child, a friend

a calling, a mission,

a beloved companion,

a way of being…

Try to stifle the Soul's crying.

Try to bundle up and hide

the monumental Why's.

Only to learn

that to surrender

and fully plumb

the depths of sorrow

can Grief be free

to move and breathe

through the runnels

of your heart.

Even while you own

the newer moments—

even as you go through

the motions of an active

and unfolding life.


~ Susan Frybort

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