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it’s all alright

the truth will always set you free

sometimes I’m startled by how these things happen

how calmly I now speak into the fire

how my voice no longer shakes when I say goodbye

how the complications are so divinely directed

how each event carries within it this seed of opportunity

provides space for new beginnings

a chance for each player to do things differently

wisdom creeps into us slowly sometimes

yet nothing goes away until we learn the needed lessons

how many things I am ready to send on their way

there’s a wind of soft relief at my back gently supporting my progress

the ground beneath me holds my weight

I smile as I walk on knowing

Every little thing will be alright

Amy Lloyd

some people come

to break our hearts,

you know

it’s that special one,

the one who

takes you

and you can’t say no.

they touch some place

in you that

long ago

was neglected

or abandoned

or made to feel

not good enough.

but they come,

like an angel

they come,

and they take your heart

and they hold it

too tight

and they

hold it until it hurts

and then they are gone,

and then they are gone

and leaving you

gasping for air.

all I can say to you

sweet friends,

those of you

who dare to love,

is that when these love angels come,

and they take you,

be steady,

be brave,

and remember,

yes they are taking you,

they have been sent

from the great beyond,

they have been sent

just for you

to take you home,

home to a deeper love,

to take you

home to

your heart.

Scott Lockhart

Austin 2017

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