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This morning sky hits me full in the eyes
scrapes its colors across my heart
removing the scabs of pain
filling me with the salves of glory and holy glow
beauty softens my crippled steps
my wrinkled brow unfurls
I relax into my own amazing skin
this face worn and lived in
like comfortable shoes
reflecting in the mirrored waters
silvered and serene
alive in this scene of splendor
this dream of my determined direction
blood and bones of my stubborn calling
purposed love heals this hurting world
the thrill which was gone
has returned from its lonely wandering
the darkened streets of this old towne
and greets me at my own front door
ready to accompany me on new adventures
there are things to do
people to meet with deliberate eye contact
moving beyond superficial language
intimate words to be spoken to souls connecting
conversations built in real time bliss
laughter is holy spirit’s medicine
pouring out as spoonful’s of honey
on throats sore and choked with words unspoken
flowing tears are made of God
salt releasing those squatting daemons
living large within our temples
structures built on unlimited grace amazing
on a day like today anything could happen
this is the day which will answer all my longings
this is the day where everything begins and ends
this is the day I’ve patiently waited to inhabit
this is the day I’ve learned to give thanks for…
just as it comes
for better and for worse
for all there is and could ever be
the dazzle of light
the shadow of darkness
romance contained within every divine comedy/tragedy
notes making sense only within the grand symphony
rising and falling as our epic stories continue on
music is everything….everything is music
“break a leg”
[play on]

Amy Lloyd

I was going to write about turtles and the Tinies…but I have to finish something…it’s time…you know

when you are there,

when the push inside

says it must be complete…it will change your life…

that shove , that nudge,

that singular tap on the shoulder

from the Holy one…

the words that come through and they are sacred…

Yes, today is the day…and perhaps tomorrow,

it will be stories of turtles and Tinies…

or God on the freeway,

God in the sound of laughter,

God holding healing ceremonies and elevating the vibration of

challenges and Chia pets in boxes from a shelf…

at the store,

or finding wrapping paper with dinosaurs as,

it’s the thought that counts…and three year olds count !

I was going to write about muscles and musicals ,

about museums and the way God messes with the mind;

how heart math and geography are probably more connected through dots on a map…no,

I think not….

but, for today

I have to finish something

that actually says…

it is complete…there is an end…

before the new beginning…

and the birth happens again…


Rev. Donna

Hills and valleys of money and power:

prepare for them to be leveled.

Mountains of privilege and exclusion,

unreachable heights, insurmountable summits:

God surmounts them.

Even the strongest are condemned.

Valleys of racism and sexual violence,

of incarceration and abuse, bear God’s sign:

“Clean fill wanted.”

Don’t count on the mountain to stand on,

or the valley to hide in, the prophet says.

The glory of God is not for the few,

the gated, the elevated,

but for all people when,

no longer separated by hills and gullies,

we are finally together.


Mind the carols you sing this dear little baby.

He means to upend your world.

Herod will fall to the dream of a peasant girl.

The emperor’s throne will become a pit.

Even the deep grave will become

a mountaintop experience.

Don’t build your house on a treacherous slope.

Upending is coming.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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