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what the hell???


Sometimes your purpose in life

is to have no clue what your purpose is.

And to wonder. To explore.

To be silent.

That’s the purpose, sometimes.

Sometimes the meaning of life

is to feel that life has no meaning.

To question. To doubt.

That’s the meaning, sometimes.

To wonder about meaning.

It feels so meaningful, to wonder, sometimes.

And full.

And close.

And nobody can take this away from you.

Your questions.

Your innocence.

Your open heart.

– Jeff Foster

Who me?

Raw, done.

Here, there. Lost, found. Everywhere, nowhere. Content, disconnected. Words, no words. Early, late. No time, no place.

Was. Are. Will be.


Sense. Non sense.

Blah blah blah.

Take it. Leave it.

Chocolate. Vanilla.



Robin OK

this trash

this treasure

this friend

this enemy

this flower

this weed

this life

this death

this beginning

this end

this good

this evil

this empty

this full

this token

this covenant

this truth

this lie

this power

this slavery

this day

this night

this love

this lust

this busy

this patience

this bitter

this sweet

this later

this now

this laughter

this grief

this doubt

this certainty

this faith

this hopeless

this beauty

this ugly

this star

this stone

this me

this you

this many

this one


Amy Lloyd


We know everything. We read a lot.

We understand how things work.

We've mastered the calculus,

foreseen the vectors of cause and effect,

and applied ourselves

to the the necessary lies and habits,

the anonymities,

the anesthesia of busyness,

the closure of certainty.

We already know everything,

everything worth knowing, anyway,

so much that nothing else can get in,

nothing worm its way into

our philosophical offshore account.

We are secure,

while under—

under that something

we didn't know of,

didn't know there was anything under,

something swells, something in darkness

moves, draws near, gathers,

like stellar dust coalescing into a planet.

A tenderness honeys in an open field.

A mystery leans toward us

as if to touch us, as if to whisper:

         You have no idea 💡 – how much I want to be with you.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


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