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this morning

every morning I wake with wonder

at where I am

at what is happening in this moment

how phat these days are

how rich this morning’s avocado on toast

how abundant the morning sunshine

how freely the windmills turn

how beds of gold and grey hold me so very tenderly in the night

how moments we enter into with another brings such unlimited expansion

how a tender act can change the chemistry of the whole world

how $4 can change someone’s whole day’s experience

how much there is beyond ourselves

and every sip is as sweet as the nectar of the gods

of how we get to do it

we get to choose it

every moment

of every day

as a prayer

as a song

as a gift


Amy Lloyd

We have not come here

for information.

We have come

to be touched.

You only learn the name

of the flower

when its fragrance

fills your heart.

Your first and last teacher

is the breath

of silence.


Fred LaMotte

Wherever there are no limits, where Infinity and Eternity and Immortality exist, that is where God is.

~Mikhael Aivanhov; The Mystery of Light

Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall in Iceland at sundown

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