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When you are in a dark place

and you want to get out of it,

remember that life is not somewhere else,

but where you are.

The story may or may not be

that you quickly escape.

But the story surely is that God is with you

where you are.

Before you leap toward the escape hatch,

be where you are.

Notice. Look around, even in a dark room,

and see God there

before you leave.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

for such a time as this

what if it all comes down to this moment in time

this arena you stand in right now

this opportunity straight ahead in the path

this pickle

this dilemma

this hot spot

this crisis


just this…

this choice for you to take as it is

to rise strong in your glory

to be all that you can be

this very morning


Amy Lloyd

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