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It’s a thrill to say No.

The way it smothers

everything that beckons―

Any baby in a crib

will meet No’s palm

on its mouth.

And nothing sweet

can ever happen

to No―

who holds your tongue captive

behind your teeth, whose breath

whets the edge

of the guillotine―

N, head of Team Nothing,

and anti-ovum O.

And so the pit can never


the cherry―

in No, who has drilled a hole

inside your body―


Say it out loud.

Why do you love the hole

No makes.


According to the Gospel of Yes by Dana Levin

(Photos by Charlie Doane Branford, CT)

so a big piece of walking a spiritual path,

is the braving of the wilderness,

the nonsense of life,

accepting the madness,

transforming through the dullness

and then creating



it just takes time

you’re not losing ground

God has not left the planet…

there’s friction at the heart of the work

the soul work that rubs one raw



– true

it’s ok to rest,

take a minute when you are not “on”

walking into the world

takes a certain panache

but if you’d like for just this one day

leave your plume of feathers on the kitchen table


do not cover your head…


Rev. Donna Knutson

Have you ever met a blade of grass that didn’t emphatically say, “Yes!” to even the soles of your feet?

It’s the same with all the other elements.

You just have to show up,

The Universe

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