life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

the future, the moment & yesterday walk into a bar…

The poem of the future will be smaller.

It will fit in the palm of your hand,

on your wrist, in your ear.

The poem of the future will not need

bulky batteries or cumbersome wires.

It will be powered by moonlight and weed.

The poem of the future will be automatic.

It will go for months without routine maintenance.

It will be faster, smoother, with a digital tick.

The poem of the future will be lighter.

It will be made of plastics and exotic metals.

It will be available in hundreds of shapes and colors.

The poem of the future will make our lives true.

It will perform in a second what it takes

the poem of the present a day to do.

The poem of the future will talk to us.

It will say things like “Buy IBM,” and “Be my friend,”

and “Pulvis et umbra sumus.”

The Poem of the Future by J.R. Solonche

we are made of light and shadows

the end of the world is always coming

tomorrow is always a chance to begin again

let us do the hard thing

let us live our highest and best lives

give all your deepest love to your people

inhabit all your souls burning passions

share your most important truths with everyone you meet

sing songs to remember the life you have lived

pay attention to this moment

remember this moment is your life

celebrate every little thing with joy


Amy Lloyd


This is my letter to the world,

That never wrote to me,-

The simple news that Nature told,

With tender majesty

Her message is committed

To hands I cannot see;

For love of her, sweet countrymen,

Judge tenderly of me!

This is my letter to the World… by Emily Dickinson

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