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imagine it’s so

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee.

And revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.


To make a prairie by Emily Dickinson

It was the summer of lemons

being replaced by oranges. Lemons,

they said, had lost something

that lemons sometimes lose. Painters

piled Navels and Valencias, mixed red

into yellow for Still Life with Oranges;

the wooden bowl beautiful with lonely

cracks, organic with time and handling.

Evening, men and women squeezed

wedges from the larger fruit, a squall

over flounder. Mothers whisked sweeter

juice into oil, sherry vinegar, crush

of garlic. Seaside, we sprayed oysters

then peppered as usual. In the absence

of lemons, there was a thirsting to taste

water kindled with novelty, set ablaze by

unplumbed citrus. Slices like thin suns

were cut to fit the rim line, to space in

the circumference of goblets and jam

jars. It was then, drinking

what was more July than June,

that we returned to each other.


Summer of Lemons by Marjorie Thomsen

I imagine writing a poem

which slips into the hearts stream


with no great splash

just a graceful entry,

with a calm circling ripple

words plunging deeply upon entry

allowing the mud to settle gracefully around it.

I imaging writing a poem

which allows the heart to trust,

to open,

to flower in it’s own time

knowing, for sure,

it is dependable,


written to last

through the fiercest storms

though the world burn

and the mountains crumble

words so full of love

so beautiful

so eternal

they come to life

each time they are read,

or spoken

I imagine anyone who dares to read this poem of mine

cannot help but

find within themselves

clouds of peace

wrapped up in thick blankets of joy

and will forever know for sure

they are



Amy Lloyd

I think I need to get out more;

Out of the confines

Of my lonely dungeon

I hope humanity accepts

The Shadow that I am

Standing there

As the last breath

Of a slayed monster

I think it’s time

I stretched out my cripping fingers

To reach to the sunrise

And kill some time

Just thinking about tomorrow

Without knowing it may be here

I think it’s time

To go loco

And sound so cynical

To the world so serious

I think it’s time to breathe –

in and out of existence

And capture moments in time

I want to tune in

To the sounds that surround me

And flow carelessly

Like a drifting spill

On an unsuspecting land

I just want to rain in emotions

And still hold on to my thoughts

I think love is my downfall

Yet again, it is all we long for

I think it’s time to ask my soul

”Why are you so blind? ”

I guess I need someone to blame

But, all I find is myself

I need to dance with my thoughts

And find truth

Whatever it is out there

In the cosmos so deep

And debilitating state of rest

That puts me in a trance

And phases me in a trail

Where peace resides

I just need some time alone

All by myself

Just to become fully myself

Without doubt or any judgments

I think it’s time

For the rain to fall

And for us to dance

As iron sharpening iron

Let us sweat

Into the Nile of serenity

I just want to talk to myself;

The inner child trapped

By a grown up

Who has forgotten

That life was meant to be enjoyed,

And adored, and given

For it is a gift

I need to get rid of this seriousness

That longs to control

And structure all

As if it can play God

Losing its mind trying hopelessly

To find its ego –

Let me meditate


Meditation by Khalid Bin Al Kamaal


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