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pray a little

In the morning as the storm begins to blow away

the clear sky appears for a moment and it seems to me

that there has been something simpler than I could ever believe

simpler than I could have begun to find words for

not patient not even waiting no more hidden

than the air itself that became part of me for a while

with every breath and remained with me unnoticed

something that was here unnamed unknown in the days

and the nights not separate from them

not separate from them as they came and were gone

it must have been here neither early nor late then

by what name can I address it now holding out my thanks


Just Now by W S Merwin

Can I be honest?

There were parts of me that didn’t believe

even the parts of me doing the hardest work

the parts of me always acting as though it were possible

the parts of me who couldn’t conceive of the how of it

the parts suspended in the storms fierce wind

hunkered down

eyes closed

Yes, I’ve prayed it…

a thousand times and counting

Lord I believe –

Help my unbelief!


Amy Lloyd

3 photos by Timothy Siebold Branford Supply Ponds

Look to this day:

For it is life, the very life of life.

In its brief course

Lie all the verities and realities of your existence.

The bliss of growth,

The glory of action,

The splendour of achievement

Are but experiences of time.

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow is only a vision;

And today well-lived, makes

Yesterday a dream of happiness

And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well therefore to this day;

Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn!

Look To This Day by Kalidasa

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