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Right where you are is where you need to be. Don’t fight it! Don’t run away from it! Stand firm! Take a deep breath. And another. And another. Now, ask yourself: Why is this in my world? What do I need to see?

Trees are beginning to turn.

They turn toward me.

They walk with me,

along the turning road.

Teach me, friends,

the grace

of turning.


Weather Report

as the winds of grace
lift from you
the burdens
of all you possess.
Changing winds
will shift what you think you need;
expect heavy things
to precipitate out of your life.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


Liberty —

as observed on the cutting room Floor


* *

the level of some on a rise

this — after a thing


to convey

the hierarchical


— a more personal cosmos

& more so, thankfully

if you like —

enumeration of virtue

versus irony of some displeasure

not innately obvious


upon closer inspection

that heady feeling —

as after just tasting a fine wine

— is your


do you see now — I know you


more than you imagined


is following inspection in


logical process —



fashioned from scraps..




(c) ‘17 miguel.J.escobar

Stillness is not the absence or negation of energy, life, or movement. Stillness is dynamic. It is unconflicted movement, life in harmony with itself, skill in action.

It can be experienced whenever there is total, uninhibited, un-conflicted participation in the moment you are in – when you are wholeheartedly present with whatever you are doing.

~ Erich Schiffmann

“In music, silence is more important than sound… Always listen for what you can leave out.” ~Miles Davis


Everything is destructible

Everybody is replaceable

The silence between the notes, however long or short, make the music

listen close, your song is always playing

just beneath the white noise

life is flow

flow is life

Deconstruction can be a beautiful process

unexpected beauty is revealed in surprising places and faces

the tiniest pieces – scraps even –

can make a lovely prayer shawl

to cover the coldest lonely spaces

or warm the shattered hearts

Fall teaches us the beauty of letting go

into the arms of dismantling the fences we construct

peace only comes with surrender at the proper time

times fullness births us into the light over and over

catching our awed breath we bow

colors we’re not familiar with brighten our fields of flowers 3′ below

our golden footsteps

then are immediately washed away by moon tide and wind rivers

yet forever remain as layers of transformation for every footstep passing there-after

each day’s sun sets with soft grace

the most grateful never forget to say,

‘Thank you so very much for this blessed day of life’


Amy Lloyd

< img src=”; height=”2334″ class=”wp-image-13593″ width=”2334″>Sun is trying to shine

It is Autumn of the first year

I watch for red sumac signs

For heavenly mentors

For wisdom women to approach my front door.

For memory to return to this earth

Without the parallel movements of here and beyond

But that does not exist any longer.

There is a place more sacred and tender

Where we hold on

We listen through

We pass between.

A gap, perhaps

And yet,

There is no compromise

Pure invitation

That what is gone

Is merely illusion

And death has never won.

It is now the twenty-fourth year

Of Autumn

And what I had assumed was loss,

Is merely shadow on the bark of an aspen tree

In the woods of the North.

Rain comes in the middle of the morning,

Ducks pass by on the pond

Jesus comes for conversation

We share two Adirondack chairs

A cup of apple spice tea

While I read Hafiz.

We are now old friends


Rev. Donna Knutson

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