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how can I love you best right now?


You are tired, friend.

Your body aches to rest.

Give in.

You have wanted to fall apart for so long.

To let go of your defences.

To be transparent and authentic.

Your cynicism has protected you.

Your fear has served you well.

Your dreams of enlightenment were beautiful dreams.

But there is no need to hold your ‘self’ together any longer.


Or simply stop pretending that you don’t know ‘how’.



The vastness will hold you.

Only illusions can disappear.

The deeper the heart breaks

The more love it can hold.

Don’t tell me you are not worthy.

Don’t tell me you are not made of stars.

– Jeff Foster

at the end of the day,

you can make it

even if you think you can’t make it;

even when it doesn’t make sense,

when you’ve taken one trail,

said all the right things

done what you were supposed to

lived a good life,

and ended up far closer to the edge than you imagined.

even when you’re old

or somethings broken inside

when fields of sunflowers make you cry,

paint peels off old barns

you get thirsty from being faithful




to be born

for poets

to protest

for prophets

to plant rows of seeds in the Autumn

of the year

of the storms

for people to see,

truly see

that miracles

uncover the blind spots

wear thin the veils

create the impossible plagues

push waves

just beyond the shores

Christ incarnates

we begin again

pouring cups of tea

walking in the morning hours




Spirit moving

under my feet


Rev. Donna Knutson (via Facebook)

shared by Rabbi Stacy Offner at a vigil in Madison, Connecticut


First they came for trans people and I spoke up – because God does NOT make mistakes!

Then they came for the African Americans and I spoke up – because I am my sister’s and brothers keeper.

And then they came for the women and I spoke up – Because women hold up half the sky.

And then they came for the immigrants and I spoke up – Because I remember the ideals of our democracy.

And then they came for the Muslims and I spoke up –

Because they are my cousins and we are one human family.

And then they came for the Native Americans and Mother Earth and I spoke up –

Because the blood-soaked land cries and the mountains weep.

They keep coming.

We keep rising up.

Because we Jews know the cost of silence.

We remember where we came from.

And we will link arms, because when you come for our neighbors, you come for us –

And THAT just won’t stand.


-Rabbi Michael Latz

The sun will rise

and we shall have tea

We’ll eat

and hug




and play a bit

cry a little

laugh a little

give a little

take a little

love a little

lose a little

rain or shine

every slice has it’s own magic

Life is really

simple like syrup

let me see your sweet smile

then I can die happy

or live to face another day


Amy Lloyd

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