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When a great adventure is offered, you don't refuse it.
– Amelia Earhart

the wind whips around
the thoughts that kept her
stationary…as she yields
to touch the peripheries
of a new found lifting

up through the the fringes
of late summer leaves- beyond
to taste the clarity of defying
gravity–as flight replaces
all that is earth bound

flying in a flood, a rush
of new blood in sky air
a hush of august rain

to these truths she cannot
abstain—but naturally
with warm rain does wear

~kate lamberg (c) '17

What if you didn’t
make it to the front of the line,
finish the marathon, or
beat the crowd?

What if you didn’t
inspire vast ripples on the web,
go viral with your gospel, or
create new cyber trends?

What if you didn’t
learn to speak another language,
drive a car across country, or
blossom into a true blue yogi?

What if you didn’t
use more time to just listen,
be still and reflect, or
simply hold out your hand?

What if you didn’t
permit yourself passion,
take one more chance, or
allow your soul to be seen?

What if you didn’t
give heed to your heart,
feed all those fears, or
walk boldly through that door?

You will develop in each season
to ripen wholly into your prime.
So what does it matter,
the things you did not do
in this blessed allotted time,
when the tour de force
is within every treasured moment
you cup your worthwhile life
inside the love of your divine hands
to kiss full on the mouth,
all its cherished

The intention of this prose is not to point out what one didn't do with this gifted time, or what one accomplished, mastered, or completed…not even to focus on the idea of entering the uncertainty of a 'what-if' debate. For good reason, many refuse to squander over such matters. Yet, there are those still trapped in that burning question. So this is for you who find yourself anxious in life, wandering for your purpose or intention, scrambling to make it to the finish…
Be still for a moment. Trust life. Breathe in new possibility now and then. Exhale all your frustration with the unnecessary pressure to arrive in time.
You are already there…

~ Susan Frybort

Carry on….

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