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everyday is a full gift by itself

the dazzle and glow of the small miracles compounding

mixed with the stuff of the ordinary and the bizarre

it’s what makes life so extraordinary

each & every day

Amy Lloyd

I love the small history of places
history made by folks walking through their days
determined to not only survive
but leave something valuable
behind them for us

I love walking on paths and sidewalks
where fantastic, simple life things happen…

George Washington walked/rode/stayed here
The Amsted Slave Ship docked right there
Amelia Earhart wrote this letter here
Paul Revere rode his horse here
The Boston Tea Party took place on this tiny spot of harbor
Here is where the Battle of Bunker Hill started and
where the first local farm man lived
and died right on his own rocky patch of farmland
Here is the beginning of the Underground Railroad
Here is where the first frisbee was created
from students throwing empty pie pans at each other
I love singing Amazing Grace standing in a spot where, years before, stood Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I love singing in the pulpit of Harvard Memorial Church
where the legacy of preaching makes me tremble as I stand
I love learning nuggets…
the Longfellow’s had a vineyard in Mount Adam’s
where they made champagne named ‘Golden Wedding’
which inspired Henry Wordsworth to write a poem naming Cincinnati
The Queen of the West

it’s all these small details making life deep and meaningful
we are just here to play our unique part
no one else can play it for us
the ones who come behind will get their own goosebumps
while walking over the latest layers of footprints
which now include ours
adding to these beautiful patterns
and keeping our songs of faith alive

Amy Lloyd

what if I never see this spot again?

what if this is my last day to see this particular blend of beauty?

what if I never again feel the depths of the oh-so-perfect imperfection of who I am at this place in the world?

what if I never again have a conversation with these polka-dot-tailed seagulls?

never see these particular shades of blue and green/grey metallic ocean

reflected in this little piece of the sky

never again see this sand dotted with these aged-green-mossed-stoned-edges and these raggedy, fragile, wisp-clouds?

what if the sun doesn’t ever hit my eyes again with this same blinding glory-glare,

this playtime, fun-time, of winter sun or summer sun heat

mixed with hints of seasons upcoming?

can I drink enough in this very moment?

can I permanently record the glorious, salty, smell of this one ordinary, extraordinary, morning

into my eternal bank account of favorite things ever?

will I be present enough to this once in a lifetime experience of right-this-very minute-ness,

to hold it inside my bones for life?

can I absorb it into the very fabric of my dna,

so that it actually becomes me?

so that every future conversation

with all the grieving, broke-down, hearts;

all the rioting, joyous, hearts;

all the skipping.a.beat won-der-ing,

or sandbag.heavy wan-der-ing hearts;

in this world,

will be informed by this instant of exquisite soul beauty I hold.

will they be able to feel this exact moment

massaged into the broken hope of their lost wholeness?

will they feel the bubbles of it in the champagne of their happiness?

see the beginnings of the road home within their weary, dusty, blistered pilgrimage feet?

will I be able to allow it to glow,




to every child of God?

will I be able to remember the most important thing?

this light is the light of everything.

we are each God’s most beloved

Amy Lloyd


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