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The pain, the problem, the struggle,
the wound, the weakness, the “disability”—
don’t let it go until you have found the blessing.

The thing you hate:
your hate is a way of hanging on

because it still has something for you,
a new birth it is trying to give you. 

The angel is usually not out there,
but within.
(Remember you’re not wrestling with tragedy,
you’re wrestling with God.
Though every loss is a lesson,
God does not assign pedagogical tragedy.)
The awful event, the terrible loss,
the insult or injustice you’ve suffered,
is not likely a blessing,
but there is one there.
Watch how you resist it,
and learn instead.
Don’t seek the fight; seek the blessing.
You can’t forget, move on, grow up,
you can’t get wise
until you have sought and gotten the blessing.

In that moment your suffering will re-name you
and walk away.

Let the crowd’s hunger be an opening for grace
and the loaves and fish will multiply.

Don’t let go
till you get the blessing.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light


Joy Road

death birth

allowing giving

near far 

smiles tears

sorrow loss

sober drunk

truth lies

friend foe

alone connected

miles apart oh-so-close 

secrets dreams

walk run

climb fall

gentle tough

lists lust 

sassy sad

sunshine rain

silence sound

asking receiving

grieving deceiving

celebration consternation

creation destruction

real deal bs

to do to be

write on rock on

hard soft

chapter verse

scene bridge

someday somehow

yesterday tomorrow

remember forget

lost found

hiding seeking

arriving leaving

all nothing

hold on let go

forever never

always all ways

time no time

crescent full 

here now

there everywhere

joy road

all we hold

Robin OK


Break your promise

to be perfect.

That is what all the gods

are waiting for.

Then they will come

and dance with you!


Fred LaMotte

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