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blue storm. yellow seeds.

Van Gogh


Flower photos by Rev. Donna Knutson


Will you join me in this day out of time, drink a cup of life in a sweet pair-o-chairs?

Will you step forward into this moment of no moment, sitting on a friends bench, not numbered, to talk about the secrets of living?

Will you sing with me as the blue storm clears and the blue sky parts and the yellow days begin so full of the color of our passion?

Will you plant with me, all the yellow seeds of hope and home to make the weary pilgrims smile?

Will you stay with me, lay with me, in the fields of gold, where the children laugh and play?

Will you grow old with me, under the ancient green oaks stately and, oh-so-wise, or when everyone else leaves, will you go too?

Will you love me today and still again tomorrow hold this empty space with me, even when the whole world begins turning once again and most everyone else forgets to pray?
Amy Lloyd



Happy Mayan New Year

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