life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

finding treasure

inspire me with true beauty

inspire me with beautiful truth

the deep satisfaction of the earth beneath me

the stars above me, keeping no score.

replace the illusion of neon lights,

all my cheap plastic glamour,

with full-hearted, rock-solid, kindness

with the glory of what will stand the test

allow me to see the value of my truest self

the weighty value of LOVE to the world…

THIS is only water to quench the thirsty soul

the only inspiration which keeps us seeking more

while being fully satisfied at the same time

Amy Lloyd


One day it’s the clouds,
one day the mountains.
One day the latest bloom
of roses—the pure monochromes,
the dazzling hybrids—inspiration
for the cathedral’s round windows.
Every now and then
there’s the splendor
of thought: the singular
idea and its brilliant retinue—
words, cadence, point of view,
little gold arrows flitting
between the lines.
And too the splendor
of no thought at all:
hands lying calmly
in the lap, or swinging
a six iron with effortless
tempo. More often than not
splendor is the star we orbit
without a second thought,
especially as it arrives
and departs. One day
it’s the blue glassy bay,
one day the night
and its array of jewels,
visible and invisible.
Sometimes it’s the warm clarity
of a face that finds your face
and doesn’t turn away.
Sometimes a kindness, unexpected,
that will radiate farther
than you might imagine.
One day it’s the entire day
itself, each hour foregoing
its number and name,
its cumbersome clothes, a day
that says come as you are,
large enough for fear and doubt,
with room to spare: the most secret
wish, the deepest, the darkest,
turned inside out.

Splendor by Thomas Centolella

Painted Heart found its way from Wayne County PA to me 🙂

there’s this thing called The Kindness Rocks Project!

Photos from Cape Cod by Sarah Shapiro

there are messages for us everywhere….

if we keep our eyes open!

the HeartMath keeps adding up!



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