life: acoustic & amplified

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it’s all about you


Tonight the wind is in your voice.

And the gods are nervous

about the drinking water.

Someone hijacks the background

with three simple dance moves.

Or maybe the clouds

paused on the television

set during a ball game.

The silence inside

the photograph

of you eating alone

in an old yearbook.

This is going to be over

before you know it.

But not before your hands

become small birds

in celebration

of the present snow.

An expressed panic

attack of harmonics.

It’s like listening to your heartbeat

in a club, all the lights off,

all by yourself.


Fatigue Performance by Noah Falck


this is not your momma’s beatnik

this is not your dad’s beret

this is not your sisters pothead

not your brothers crazy wife

this is not the inquisition 

this is not the third degree

this is not just sit and listen

this is not another way

this is not your bad boy rocker

this is not green eggs and ham

this is not your high school locker

not a cry to ‘give a damn’


this is life in all its glory

this is life to have to hold

this is life step up and claim it

this is life speak up be bold


this is time to tell your story

this is how it’s said and done

this is time to stand and tell it

this is ‘c’mon have some fun’


Amy Lloyd

Amy Lloyd art

At some point in life you will look 

back on your journey 

and may ask yourself the question, 

which part mattered to me the most? 

Yes, life gave way to some unexpected pain 

at times when there was just no stomach for it. 

The heartache of grief felt like a concrete cross 

you had to carry over mountains. 

Then there were days you learned about things 

the hard way, feeling the sting of regret

a time or two, although you may not 

care to admit it. Even so, you’re likely 

to treasure each triumphant victory 

and playfully recall the twinkling markers of time. 

Because you were blessed to be uplifted 

and became familiar with being let down. 

You walked through fire 

and danced with elation. 

And though you may have stumbled 

more times than you can count, 

you held the space and kept the faith. 

All the while, with a fearless and 

tenacious heart, you forged ahead, 

holding everything and everyone you ever loved 

inside a precious world where gratitude spread 

like blooming wildflowers alongside 

gushing streams of joy. 

Even when it hurt you persevered, 

as your light burned fiercely and bright. 

It wasn’t all for naught, and in the end, 

you’ll embrace the entire panorama 

and kiss the ineffable bliss 

as you declare the final answer: 
I lived. And it ALL mattered. 





Susan Frybort


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