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It’s as easy as turning around
the invisible energy of the wind
help you
instead of hinder you. 

Panache Desai


Ch’ui the draftsman
Could draw more perfect circles freehand
Than with a compass.

His fingers brought forth
Spontaneous forms from nowhere. His mind
Was meanwhile free and without concern
With what he was doing.

No application was needed
His mind was perfectly simple
And knew no obstacle.

So, when the shoe fits
The foot is forgotten,
When the belt fits
The belly is forgotten,
When the heart is right
“For” and “against” are forgotten.

No drives, no compulsions,
No needs, no attractions:
Then your affairs
Are under control.
You are a free man.

Easy is right. Begin right
And you are easy.
Continue easy and you are right.
The right way to go easy
Is to forget the right way
And forget that the going is easy.

When the Shoe Fits by Thomas Merton

Every morning

Swimming up out of dreams

I surrender to being here

I let go into gravity

Into the way the sweet earth pulls me to her

Head, hip, arm, leg . . . . with each exhale I drop further

Into cool white sheets, firm mattress, bed frame, 

floor, walls, earth, earth, earth. . . .

It takes practice

To give up habitual holding on, holding in, holding back

Every morning I open myself

And invite grace to have its way with me 

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer 

there is no me stuck in the middle

if I move slow it’s because it’s my current pace of preference 

after all that pushing up hill

gaining no ground

I refuse to kiss and tell

Im not a careless whisperer

though I am easy as Sunday Morning 

and twice as nice as you’ve previously heard

these crows feet I’ve earned

by laughing in the face of it all

are my pride and glory 

this current number is my favorite 

raise your glass if you love your own face

there will be no disparaging of the word: Life

it is our gift 

sand between my toes 

stardust in my eyes

let’s get real 

I mean really real

I want a love that will last

If you get what you ask for…

what will the supreme question be


think about them apples

come on get happy this very day

then come on up onto the stage

and sing it like you mean it 

along with the choir 

there’s always room for one more 

welcome to the spotlight

you’re very welcome here

Amy Lloyd (AL)

Why wait for the light?

Why not play in the dark as well?


Give up holding on…holding in…holding back

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