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burnt toast and beauty in the morning  

You cannot seek water

from the one

who drained your seas,

and you cannot build

a home for your worth

inside of another being.

The medicine is when

you return to yourself

where you will remember

your strength,

reclaim your own rhythm,

and write your new song.

a poem from Victoria Erickson’s wonderful new book- Rhythms and Roads… Check it out here..

photo above by Fisherman Dan @ Branford, CT
in the world between worlds
where the shimmering abstract
holds all the secrets within us
words are absent
no scripture exists
there are no definitions
as there is no need for such things
in our eternal knowing 
we are ever-being known
the mystic colors of God fill us
unseeable in this earthly realms obscured vision 
they hold us there 
where we don’t need to be understood 
or understand anything
we are simply
all we could ever hope to be
we are the lover and the beloved
eternal love
eternally loved 
You in I
I in you


Amy Lloyd (AL)

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