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Let us go forward quietly, forever making for the light…   Vincent van Gogh 

Let us go forward quietly, forever making for the light, and lifting up our hearts in the knowledge that we are as others are (and that others are as we are), and that it is right to love one another in the best possible way – believing all things, hoping for all things, and enduring all things.…And let us not be too troubled by our weaknesses, for even he who has none, has one weakness, namely that he thinks he has none, and anyone who believes himself to be so perfect or wise would do well to become foolish all over again.


Vincent van Gogh

There is always that edge of doubt.

Trust it, that’s where the new things come from.

If you can’t live with it, get out,

Because when it’s gone, you’re on Automatic,

Repeating something you’ve learned.

Let your prayer be:

Save me from that tempting certainty that

Leads me back from the Edge,

That dark edge where the first light breaks.

The Edge of Doubt by Albert Huffstickler

Thing on my art table…

Chopsticks from Korea House – Jana

Seed from ASG Intensive – Patti

Tea light from Retreat 2012 – Robin

Blue twistie light from Andy n Brandi’s wedding

Paint brushes from Kacie’s old art box 

Small souvenir dish from Italy and a pumpkin Anni gifts

along side Faith-Trumps-Fear dogtag

tiny flower pots that just make me happy

One of Pearl’s rocks with a natural cross 

Big Purple stone from Bernice’s apartment

Inspirational box I bought in Connecticut

Small leather journal part of art supply shopping trip Chris bought me 

Pens, paints, markers, pencils

Books – as many as possible

Journals, Bible, sketch pads 

Tweezers – always tweezers


My framed arts-ing

Other things as well

each small thing connected to someone, 

some place. 

I am surrounded by what I love,

Who I love,

What I live.

I keep pieces of myself

of moments, 

the people, I love. 

and I build my days 

with bricks, blocks, shells and sparkly rocks

layers of a life 

built on grace and gratitude

a firm foundation 

which will not be shaken. 



21 different ways to do art therapy and put your thoughts in order

Posted by The Minds Journal EditoriaL| A Better Living, Interesting, The Journal | 16 |     

Sometimes, the solution to your problem just won’t come into your head, yet your thoughts are spinning at a 100 kilometers an hour, and you feel like your brain is going to explode.

It’s times like this that you could do with trying some ’art therapy’. At its most basic, the only preparation you need to carry out for this is to grab a pencil and a sheet of paper. Then, just start drawing. It doesn’t even matter what you draw. Within a certain amount of time, your thoughts will become more harmonious and you’ll calm down.

To help you get started, here’s what to do if you’re feeling…

* Tired: draw flowers

* Angry: draw lines

* In pain: build a model

* Bored: color in a sheet of paper in various colors

* Sad: paint a rainbow

* Scared: knit something

* Worried: make a doll

* Indignant: tear a piece of paper into small pieces and arrange it into a pattern

* Anxious: do some origami

* Tense: draw patterns

* Nostalgic: draw a maze

* Disappointed: copy a portrait or painting

* In despair: draw your way out

* Confused: draw an Indian mandala

* That you need to restore your strength: make a landscape painting

* That you can’t make sense of your feelings: paint a self-portrait

* That you need to remember this moment: draw some colored patterns

* That you need to put your thoughts in order: draw honeycombs or squares

* That you need to take the time to make the right choice: draw waves and circles

* That you’re stuck in a rut: draw spirals

* That you need to make sense of your most important goal: draw target symbols.

21 different ways to do art therapy and put your thoughts in order

All my feelings have the colors you desire to paint. – Rumi


I feel the blues and greens today

I experiment with running colors together

I love the oranges and yellows

They make me happy

My words are few today





A few more I repeat

I experiment with brushes

I play with squares of paper

These colors are poured out definitely sharing my emotions

I design things in my head

At the end of this day 

I have created something good

for my soul

doesn’t matter how great it is…

I am an artist 

I must create



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