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both sides now 

in giving we heal ourselves 

in receiving we heal others


             – unknown

do you know

the importance of 

both sides of the gift?

We have become an addictive, unbalanced, people, full of extremes. There are givers. There are takers. We see there are two categories: victims or assholes and we choose one side or the other. Completely destructive on both sides. 

We have taken sides on an issue which needs us to be both in order to be truly successful in the most important areas of our lives. Being balanced on both sides leads us to create a new category for ourselves, our relationships and the world. 

Think about yourself. How good are you at:



acknowledging your need of another/others?




accepting the gift without competitive thoughts of payback?

accepting compliments?

gratitude to the other?

giving/receiving from a balanced place?

come on let your guard down. 

give a little. take a little. 



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