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I am fascinated by bold individualism       – Charles Cooper (meee tooooo!!!❤️)

dark matter sutra


last nite in the dark sky

a fox was calling

this eerie voice scathing scratching the air 

scaring every living thing around

straight out of a horror movie or worst 

some scary witch after me

 for all my past sins and debauchery 

I was ready to lock the doors

grab a pitch fork

throw the covers over my head


who knows really what a fox really is

maybe a prisoner in a fur body

trying to get out

some convict from a strange distant galaxy

“ .. and for your crimes against humanity

we shall set you on another world

known as earth

in strange body

with strange bedfellows

 whizzing bullets

and hungry wolves”


no matter what religion or science says 

you never really know

who or what is in these other bodies

each of us stardust 

catapulted from the infinite womb 

dark matter given form

like blue hanuman

or immortal sunlight


I will call out to you from the wilderness

a purple cloud in a wide room

a child with a halo

a bed of moss

or some eagle soaring above the plane

in a total act of rebellion 

from his dark matter sutra 




Adam DeFranco (c) 2016

‘There is No Path that Goes all the Way’

:-Han Shan
Not that it stops us looking 

for the full continuation. 
The one line in the poem 

we can start and follow


straight to the end. The fixed belief 

we can hold, facing a stranger 
that saves us the trouble 

of a real conversation. 
But one day you are not

just imagining an empty chair 
where your loved one sat. 

You are not just telling a story 
where the bridge is down 

and there’s nowhere to cross. 
You are not just trying to pray 

to a God you always imagined 

would keep you safe. 
No, you’ve come to a place 

where nothing you’ve done


will impress and nothing you 

can promise will avert 
the silent confrontation, 

the place where


your body already seems to know 

the way, having kept 
to the last, its own secret 

But still, 

there is no path 

that goes all the way,
one conversation 

leads to another,
one breath to the next 

there’s no breath at all,



the inevitable 

final release

of the burden.
And then,

wouldn’t your life 

have to start

all over again

for you to know

even a little

of who you had been?

Excerpt from ‘NO PATH”

From RIVER FLOW: New and Selected Poems by David Whyte

return to your own path

love leads us ever onward

to the open skies of freedom



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