life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

nothing to hold

I am the watcher

I keep faith

I am here to observe

the passage

to be the extra set of questions

the guardian of the process

I cannot give you the will to live

I cannot bring happiness

I cannot set you free

I cannot influence the outcome

or your choices

I can only be the keeper of the light

I can only be the vessel of prayer

I can only carry hope in my heart

I can only move aside and allow love to flow through me

I can only stand with courage

I can only see you just as you are

I can only allow you to be your you-ness

I can only love and love and love

That’s what I am called to do

every place I go



my heart hurts today

for the pain you suffer,

for the pain you inflict. 

I feel great sorrow 

for what you have chosen to accept. 

for the manipulation you chose to live in. 

sadness sits on me 

like a heavy fog

as I drive

I wait. 

I pray. 

I pay,

the smarmy man,

with the weird goatee,

wearing the faded Jack Daniels t-shirt. 

It’s all happening outside of myself, 

even my drive home. 

I walk a mile quickly

upon my return, 

my angst, 

mixing with my grief. 

my tears haven’t stopped all morning. 

I walk this beach,

so familiar, 

yet always new. 

I pick up rocks with cold, sandy gloves,

filling my pockets. 

I stand while the gulls float,

so secure,

so assured,

so secure.

As I watch

peace finally descends,

fills me. 

I let go of you…

of my disappointment…

of my desire….

This is never easy for me. 

I fight letting go.

trusting is a ruthless business. 

I choose to live ruthlessly. 

I believe in it! 

I’m a just small part of this masterpiece of life. 

I acknowledge the blessed truth I know for sure:

I am uniquely loved!




Peace descends.  

I walk home in the calm, cold, air. 

I am never alone. 

I will never be abandoned. 

I am loved. 

truly and always. 




two jobs,

two stories,

two worlds even,

in one movement,

love and need and

nothing now or ever

to come between the two. 


  – David Whyte

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