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into the silence

Now there was a great wind…

but the Lord was not in the wind;

and after the wind an earthquake,

but the Lord was not in the earthquake;

and after the earthquake a fire,

but the Lord was not in the fire;

and after the fire a sound of deep silence.

—1 Kings 19.11-12

Beneath the earthquake, wind and fire

that are always here

I listen for your silence

that is always here,

your deep, luscious silence

speaking to me, singing.
I listen to your deep silence

breathing in me.

I listen for the sound of it,

its great sea moving,

its stars whirling.

I listen into the deep

that welcomes me.
Beneath the noise and rush and flame

your silence unfolds in me,

the great rose of you

opening to my own silence

and I become your silence

unfolding into the world.



Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

to me great contentment is when you are able to sit on the porch looking at the beauty that God has made surrounding you, with a hot cup of coffee and nothing on your mind…

to drink in nature and commune in a silent, grateful, prayerful state without forcing words through your mind or your mouth…

just letting the thoughts slide through….coming and going as they will and feeling complete peace in your soul.

just to be in that moment and feel God’s presence and God’s peace to experience that moment of living…not expecting any- thing…

just feeling quite wonderful, not happy, not sad, just wonderful….very human and very alive.

it is interesting…because in the last couple of years…in some of my toughest times…I have experienced a lot of these wonderful moments of contentment…it is a complete surrender to the will of God and the Uni- verse – it is truly a wonderful thing…peace…



good bye for now – new things being birthed 💞 peace

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