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what matters most 

Real power has nothing to do with force, control, status, or money. Real power is the persistent courage to be at ease with the unsolved and the unfinished. To be able to recognize, in the scattered graffiti of your desires, the signature of the eternal.


John O’Donohue 


there’s laughter in the air

flickering like candle light

touching hearts and ears



through the air around us,

between us. 

Soaking into our pores,

permeating our bones,

healing us,

making us strong. 

Why should we worry?

so, there’s a black cloud above us..

Let it stay…

or let it go….

let’s laugh till your bellies hurts. 

Then laugh some more, 

until the sun comes out 

just to find the reason, 

Till all the corners of the world 

need to wipe their eyes with us,

and, then, we all take a great, big sigh of relief…



such beautiful sunset photos taken today by my very, very special Allie Dolan, aka: Allie-girl. So blessed and grateful to have her back in my life 💞 @ Branford, CT

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