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view from the doorway 

It feels like the end of something         

but we forget the rest.
It is a door

and something on the other side,
this moment a single petal

of a rose unfolding.
From the doorway looking back

we see you walking along
and ahead we see you

walking along.


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

miles come
miles go
some stay a while
some roll on beneath our feet
or our wheels 
barely noticed
driving in the fast lane
with the windows rolled up tightly
in God we trust
unfolding on every bill we pull from pocket
but, the world doesn’t work that way…
or does it? 
always seal the deal
go ahead,
open the door,
walk away free,
ready to see some new things
every choice brings us to our new place
right here 
right now
notice it
say thank you

always say 

thank you


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