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dawn breaking sunset

photo by Lissette Hesmadt

The skies sob for days

grieving the losses,

then the light breaks. 

The sunset shines glory

bringing hope to the night. 

I wait in a new place of peace,

buds blooming,

 like a new spring,

in my hesitant heart. 

I feel no anxiety or fear,

just wonder and amazement.  

something tender is taking root,

opening thoughts, 





unlimited potential. 

the desires of 

my heart,

my body, 

my soul,

my spirit. 

It is a good moment.  

I realize 

I feel a dawning of 

a truth. 

New days bring new ways, 

life continues to unfold. 

The best is yet to come. 



Thank God for this great work,

that the Mighty One within you

has come this far,

that together you have grown so,

that journeying through this landscape

you have changed it

and for the better.

You have left behind treasures still uncovered

and wounds already forgiven.

Even in your failures and missteps 

you have scattered gifts and blessings.

You have dug a deep well and drawn 

from within a mystery from beyond.

Your river has given life, polished stones,

sheltered beings unseen, carried travelers.

The seeds you’ve sown, the birth you’ve given,

the bridges you have built you will not know,

and those coming after will wonder.

But the One who smiles upon you,

walks beside you and breathes within you

looks up and says with confidence,

“Yes, now let’s go on.”


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

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