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you CAN see the forest



Some days I find myself

putting my foot in

the same stream twice;

leading a horse to water

and making him drink.

I have a clue.

I can see the forest

for the trees.
All around me people

are making silk purses

out of sows’ ears,

getting blood from turnips,

building Rome in a day.

There’s a business

like show business.

There’s something new

under the sun.
Some days misery

no longer loves company;

it puts itself out of its.

There’s rest for the weary.

There’s turning back.

There are guarantees.

I can be serious.

I can mean that.

You can quite

put your finger on it.
Some days I know

I am long for this world.

I can go home again.

And when I go

I can

take it with me.

Blessings by Ronald Wallace

A toast to an unexpected Monday

Yes, my friend, a toast!

Unexpected mondays are one of my very favorite things

Along with the unexpected moments in everyday. 

For many years

I have looked for,

and always have found

in each day,


Where I find myself breathless

suspended in the aha’s

of ordinary miracles,

the sharing the laughter hidden in our days –

the glory in the grey. 
I, under the shadow of Walt Whitman,

seeing the miraculous in it all. 

The simple pleasures,

which take our breath away

and remind us of our gift. 

this moment. 

Nothing more important than

this ordinary day

opening before us

like a sparkling present to unwrap. 


Taking great care with the paper,

lingering over untying the satin ribbon,

Letting it slid beneath our fingers

Savoring the feeling

of the silk 

in all of our senses. 

Especially on the tip of our tongue.

This is passion. 

This is life! 



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