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golden glow

I’ve come right here to these fair skies

where I will look within my eyes,

every gift, I’ve seen its worth

every grief, I’ve soaked in surf

every lesson, I have learned

every bridge, I’ve had to burn

every quote, I think I’ve read 

walked every path where I was led

every moment, grateful for 

every minute, gives me more

all my love, I will keep giving

every day, I will keep living

every wound, will be healed

every longing, be fulfilled

every beauty, I’ve seen and know

every springtime flowers grow

every golden sunset sky is glorious

every day I live victorious 

every breath, it is a song

every day, all night long

I’ve worn the cross 

I’ve shed my skin

I’ve resurrected 

once again 

I’ve lived

I’ve died

I’ve burned to ash

I’ve loved

I’ve lost

I’ve found myself

I know I’m here to learn these things 

to live

to love

to sing

to speak

to write

to dance

to flow

to know

Love is my home

abide with me



Gorgeous photos above by Lissette Hasmadt…her words below. her beauty shared Sigh…very inspired and grateful…


…today was something else. It was like I stepped into something out of a fairytale. Some mythical place where anything is possible. I chase sunsets all the time, but there are some days that blew my mind away and all I am left with is my soul, free and exposed. It’s in that moment that everything makes perfect sense to me; that moment when I am immersed in the deep gold stillness.

   – Lissette Hesmadt

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