life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

talk to the birds

It’s all connected –

All the love,

All the loss,

All the joy,

All the pain. 
The world is made of God. 

We live in the ocean of God’s breath, 

His very words. 
We are all artists. 

We all speak creation. 

Our words are our greatest art form,

make sure they create a masterpiece. 
God is love is life is truth is word is love is –

every little thing is connected to each other.   
Everything I really needed to know 

I learned from the ocean and the trees. 

The mountains introduced me to the angels. 

Acorns were my very first teachers,

the finest flock of seagulls are my most recent.


We are the temple. 

We includes the universe we find ourselves in. 

We are brothers and sisters to stars and starships. 






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