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no thanks, I’ve got a new partner

And then this boring meeting to become a circus,

this flabby body to become a work of art,

this life to become something else.
You can spend your life (oh, how we do)

inside a bubble of judgments and desires,

and never know even a simple stone.
No, stay here. 

Let the stone be a stone,

the traffic be traffic.
Even this broken life,

this troubled soul,

this difficult time.
Otherwise how can a joy be joy,

a wonder a wonder?

Life is this, not something else.
This is the mystery of the fast,

the hungry day that is a hungry day,

free from the dictates of desire.
Nothing needs to be what it isn’t.

There is glory enough in the stone.

And in you, already a child of God. 
You can’t command the transformation,

but only present yourself to God,

who can.
Just smile at Satan and say,

“No thanks. 

I’m good.”

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light




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