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all that’s left  


If you have seen the snow 

somewhere slowly fall 

on a bicycle, 

then you understand 

all beauty will be lost 

and how even that loss 

can be beautiful. 

And if you have looked 

at a winter garden 

and seen not a winter garden 

but a meditation on shape, 

then you know why 

this season is not 

known for its words, 

the cold too much 

about the slowing of matter, 

not enough about the making of it. 

So you are blessed 

to forget this way: 
a jump rope in the ice melt, 

a mitten that has lost its hand, 

a sun that shines 

as if it doesn’t mean it. 

And if in another season 

you see a beautiful woman 

use her bare hands 

to smooth wrinkles 

from her expensive dress 

for the sake of dignity, 

but in so doing trace 

the outlines of her thighs, 

then you will remember 

surprise assumes a space 

that has first been forgotten, 

especially here, where we 

rarely speak of it, 

where we walk out onto the roofs 

of frozen lakes 

simply because we’re stunned 

we really can.

Upon Discovering My Entire Solution to the Attainment of Immortality Erased from the Blackboard Except the Word `Save'” by Dobby Gibson


 I woke up thinking, 

how can I make this day different? 

how can I live in inspiration within these circumstances? 

how can I improve myself today? 

Within this day I can make new choices. 

Better decisions towards my health. 

Towards my future. 

Towards my goals. 

Within this day I can eat and drink the things I know are health-full 

I can read and write the words I know will inspire beauty and love. 

I can think about each moment and choice as a precious gift. 

I can allow the people in this house grace to choose for themselves without judgement. 

I can exercise my body and make it better and stronger. 

I can pray, fellowship and meditate growing in love and intimacy with God and the world. 

I can open my mind and awareness to all the beauty and miracles surrounding me and say thank you. 

I can find home within my heart and bless this dwelling place. 

I can and I will live this way today, 

I can and will commit to this way of living from this day forward. 

Each choice matters. 

I will live this moment well. 


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