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 On this day of your life I believe God wants you to know… 

…that there is a solution. There is. But you must keep

going to find it. You cannot stop, you cannot give up. 
This is about more than just patience. This is about 

more than just persistence. This is about absolute 

knowing that God is on your side. 


When you know this, you never give up…and the 

sense of struggle goes away. You simply keep moving 

forward knowing that, in the end, all will work out. 

And that along the way there will be great insights 

and wonderful remembering. 


   – Neale Donald Walsh

God Path with Robin OK 12/17/15


 I won’t wish this pain away 

I’ll just trust You and obey

won’t search for treasure on this ground 

Cause in You my wealth is found 

I know this is right where I should be 

I will wait for Your light to shine in me 

I will praise You every day 

I am Yours 

Beloved for eternity 
Whatever will bring You glory 

Whatever will magnify Your name 

Whatever will bring You glory 

Whatever, my life is not the same 
Whatever will show you’re holy 

Whatever I do is for Your praise 

Whatever to tell my story 

Whatever, my heart will sing Your grace




Written on 11/22/13 at French Park in Cincinnati (first pic) Day before following God’s call to go to Louisville. $40 and no place to stay. I lived in my car for several weeks. ❤️ Miracles and adventures abounded….

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