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Nothing separates us, my dear, nothing except what you want to keep separate. We are united because I have made it so.      – Loop 


 I want to make a poem
that slips into the heart stream 

quietly, tenderly,

with no great splash

just a graceful entry, 

with minimal ripples

which plunges deeply upon entering

and allows the mud to settle gracefully around it. 

I want to make a poem

which allows the heart to trust,

to open,

to flower in it’s own time

knowing, for sure,

   it is dependable,


written to last 

through the fiercest storms

    though the world burn

and the mountains crumble

words of love

    so beautiful 

           so eternal 

they come to life

   each time they are read,

    or spoken

and anyone who dares to read the poem I make

cannot help but

   find within themselves  

clouds of peace

   wrapped up in thick blankets of joy 

  and will forever know for sure 

    they are 





Everything real comes through the heart. When it is truly opened, everything secondary falls away- egoic glory, fame and fortune, substitute gratifications. The heart doesn’t care about such things. It doesn’t hold it against you if you don’t own your own home, achieve your goals, have a perfect body. The heart doesn’t care what you have earned or accumulated. No matter our seeming differences, we are all the same when the heart gate opens. Deep feeling levels the playing field.

Love is the great equalizer.

     – Jeff Brown


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