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get quiet  

You see it. Everywhere you look people are staring at their flat things. We’re terrified of being bored. No one drifts or wonders. If Robert Frost had lived today he would have written, “Whose woods are these? I think I’ll Google it.”

– Paula Poundstone



Today I found myself empty

Empty of words

Empty of color

Empty of strength

Empty of empathy

Empty of ability

Empty of thoughts even. 

I’ve been here many times 

I understand it better now. 

I rested a lot 

Did minimal work,

Other than cleaning up and fixing meals,

I mainly stayed in bed,

listened to music,

and the silence. 

I stayed in open, wordless, prayer –

Allowing the emptiness to be. 

I have been giving my life force

to others,

 to grief, 

to walking in the dark,

the draining energy of great faith. 

I have earned this emptiness.  

I must allow myself to recharge. 

I have nothing more to give. 

The filling up of the emptiness

must be done carefully, 

in prayer,

in silence. 

Tomorrow is another day. 

Baby steps. No worries. 

The sun will shine again. Love awaits,

patient and kind. 





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