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some things are sad

Every now and then
we leave off our pious yearnings,

and even our righteous ire,

and sit down to the hard work 
of being sad for the world.

It takes guts, 

God knows—

not anger but sorrow;

it tires prophets and psalmists alike.

The wolf that cries in the long valley,

the sea that chants its lament

over and over with sighs and tears,

the hermit on sore knees,

the angels at their posts

taking turns offering up their 
aching hearts,

even Christ weeping,

they can’t do it alone.

In the end

 it is 
the broken hearted

in whom we find 
the deepest companionship.

We come away wet with grief

yet oddly strengthened

with the fibers of hope.

In grief for the world 

we touch its worth.

In sorrow we find each other,

and there, 

the substance of joy.

Weird, isn’t it, 

how that alone

is the healing balm we ask? 


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


“Only he who cries… is permitted to sing…” is what Bonhoeffer said. 
Only those authentic enough to lament, are authentic enough to love. 
When everything is stripped away and you have nothing left and in all your bare vulnerability, there is communion with God. 

– Ann Voskamp 


I am bare naked 

Down to my bones 

Even my comfortable skin is gone 

I shiver as the cold blows through me 

I have cried many tears 

My song has been watered to full growth 

Being alive does not come without cost 

We love

we lose 

we grieve 

We lament 

We love 

We commune 

We learn 

We choose 

to continue to make the choices

to love

to bring the song 

that fills spring with joy 

and the whole world 

With light and love 


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