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Those Eyes

Am so very, very blessed to be a part of this story. To glimpse the beauty of this relationship, to be a part of this healing for yourself and others. Thank you, my poet!

Barbara's poetintrainingblog

by Barbara Endel

Is there such a thing?

Melting on the inside every single time you look into those amber eyes?

Every single time?

No matter if it’s the first or the thousandth or the millionth?

It’s almost closing time;

“It’s not too late” she says.

“It’s never too late for second Chances.”

She walked toward me holding this cinnamon colored puppy

He had just been woken up; still a little confused.

She had that hopeful look on her face, evaluating the chances of him finding a home;

Or was it Chance finding me a home?

I took him in my arms like a baby, and the skies that cold February day really did part;

When he turned his head, at that instant the sunshine broke through the clouds and lit up those beautiful amber eyes;

hitting my heart so deeply

I’m in love already; how can that happen so…

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