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I will sit here with you, you know. You don’t have to feel guilty about doing anything. You don’t have to get up now. You don’t have to figure out how to make this day special, how to make it worth something. 


You don’t have to have a plan or an answer. You don’t have to feel confident or put together or beautiful. I know who you are. I know what you’re worth. 


I know where you’re going and where you’ve been and what it takes for you to breathe. Yes, breathe. I know your inner working, the intricacies of your makeup. And you don’t need to prove anything to Me. I’ve got you. And that is enough.


There are days when I’ve given you something to do, an invitation to go forward, to go deeper in. And you will know when I ask you whether or not you’d like to join Me there. But what about here? What about right now, here, with Me, child? My daughter, do you see this moment? Do you see how I hold it? Do you see how you take my breath away?


I am with you, and I ask you to stay. I am for you, and I ask you to listen. I am before you, and I ask you to see. I care for you. It is okay to rest. I made you. Nothing you do can make Me regret it. 


So stay with Me, and I will equip you for more. Stay with Me, and I will pour into you vision and wisdom and the steps, one by one, as you watch where my feet fall. You cannot go anywhere until you know where I am with you and how, with Me, it is always best for you to stay. For then we can go . . . and you won’t have to have a bit of it figured out.


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