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here in PA where nuthin’ comes easy… 

Soooooooo I’ve been in PA for a while, needing a bathroom break from my earlier Starbucks stop. I always dread PA for this reason. I stopped and got gas and used the bathroom in NJ hoping to beat PA down, but no…

I’m also looking for adventure today so I just relaxed into it and looked for exits…Bethlehem seemed like destiny. I got off and followed the detour towards ‘Historic Downtown’ which, I must confess, I never found. The stable seems to have been replaced – 


I saw Pennsylvania RR on both sides of the roads (no easy access bathrooms: ie McD’s, gas…)

found my way back to 78W and moved on…Allentown surely has handy bathrooms (no signage on highway besides a hospital sign) sure to be fast food there, right? nope…thankfully I found myself a country road! The wildlife at the sancuary respectfully stayed out of sight #thankGodimacountrygirl

I gratefully head on West when traffic comes to a stop and I happen to be right by an exit. I head off to find the swankiest Arby’s in the world. 

Then I make my way outside with my roast beef with x-tra horsey sauce for a picnic with my new friend, Ginger (picture below). She’s gorgeous and we have a great talk.

Ok, back in the saddle…


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