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Now is the time to know
That all that you do is sacred.
Now, why not consider 

A lasting truce with yourself and God.
Now is the time to understand 

That all your ideas of right and wrong 

Were just a child’s training wheels 

To be laid aside 

When you finally live 

With veracity 

And love.
We are each* a divine envoy 

Whom the Beloved 

Has written a holy message upon.
My dear, please tell me, 

Why do you still 

Throw sticks at your heart 

And God?
What is it in that sweet voice inside 

That incites you to fear?
Now is the time for the world to know 

That every thought and action is sacred.
This is the time 

For you to compute the impossibility 

That there is anything 

But Grace.
Now is the season to know 

That everything you do 

Is sacred.


Today by Hafiz *edit by me…original words ‘Hafiz is’


 It’s there 
balled up in the corner of your mind 

covered over with cobwebs 

under the heaviest lock and key 

booby trapped 

even Indian Jones couldn’t get to this 

arc of your self-covenant 

anger slowly poisoning you over the years

toxic rivers seeping out 

flowing through your veins 

as you refuse to touch it 

or to acknowledge it can be conquered

the shadowy ghost of events so painful 

you have avoided them your whole life 

refused to allow 

the crumpled, tangled, horrible 

nightmare of these memories 

to be straightened out 

come into the sunlight 

to begin waste removal 

and cleanup of the mountain of trash

so deep 

it’s eaten you from the inside out 

destroying your peace  

and your chances for building the life you deserve

you’ve tolerated much 

to gain nothing 

will you ever

reach for higher ground?

I pray you will 

some fine day

I feel wonder

for how valued we each truly are,

how beloved. 

I am amazed at how far, and willing, 

God is to go,

to seek just one. 

Love is everything

we are all God’s children,

no matter what we choose to do.  





photos found at facebook 

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