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enough already

S)He is one of those who has had the wilderness for a pillow, and called a star his brother. Alone. But loneliness can be a communion. ~ Dag Hammarskjöld

listening to the silence

I hear you calling. 

I could feel alone,

in reality, I never am. 

the right path calls my name

as I listen, I know the way. 

my body always knows

who to lay down with

to sleep in peace. 

music melts our souls together –

crazy love changes things. 

words cover the intentions of the heart –

turn them off

to hear the real. 

anger covers the fear we didn’t understand 

we have choices if we want them. 

we all want to be known –

we all are. 

there is always enough to share. 

we are always enough. 

love lies deep beneath the surface of things,

waiting to change our lives. 

waiting to heal our hearts,

ready to bring joy,

ready to restore our very lives. 

Grace meets us where we are…

then allows us to rest as the beloved, 

until we are ready to pour out our gifts on the world. 

Enough. These few words are enough.

If not these words, this breath.

If not this breath, this sitting here.
This opening to the life

We have refused

Again and again

Until now.
Until now.

              ~ by David Whyte


Listen to The Sounds of Silence

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