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hammock time 


 The breeze – 
Takes the pages of my thoughts
Ruffles the edges
Carries them through the air
Without a worry
Without a care
Scattering my secrets
Sowing my life

Night Owl Poetry ©2015 Dorinda Duclos Used with permission 


Thoughts float in and out 

In the silence

Whatever is there can come…and go
You come…You go
I am still as the breeze sways the hammock
The blue sky
the trees the sounds of summer
You come…You go
I flow with the river

No hurry 

No worry

Allowing God to lead

Allowing the universe to help me
You come…You go
Allowing all things to be how they should be

Allowing life to be as it is

Allowing everything to be grace

Allowing my lips to sing gratitude
Music floats around me Slipping in and out
You come…You go
Allowing strength to rebuild 

Allowing the empty to be filled

So it comes
So it goes
I lay down and sleep in peace

for all good things 

done, gone and to come
You have come…You have gone
I am 




listen to Simon & Garfunkel sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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