life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

 the possibilities are endless   

Turn a fool into gold

Turn a broken heart into a warrior of love

Turn a weak voice into an instrument of peace

Turn my messy life into a picture of grace

Turn my eyes to see only beauty

Turn my mourning into laughing

and my weary heart to be a trusting home

Turn my sorrow into pure joy

keep my feet from stumbling on the path

That is my prayer, oh Lord,

Turn my fear into courage

And turn my self will into a puddle of loving goodness to pour out on the ones I love

Let me walk hand in hand, 

and sleep in peace each night,

in fields of gold with the one who loves me like no other could ever love me

Thank you. Thank you,

always and forever

So be it




Listen to Jason Isbell sing Cover Me Up

photo found on facebook/rumi


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